Swagbucks LOVES You Guys!

by TSG on Wed, December 9th, 2009 at 3:20 pm

Every now and then (more often than seldom), Swagbucks users impress TSG to the point of warm fuzzy feelings. This happened today with a great effort that was completely started by users like you. All of a sudden, the Facebook wall was filled with declarations of donations of Swag Bucks to be put toward our toy drive. It started something like this….

James Thrinstein made a great call to action that really got this snowball goin’. As soon as this happened user after user started posting screen shots of their donations on the Facebook wall.

If 132,000 users donated 8 Swag Bucks each it’s true we’d hit 1,000,000 Swag Bucks donated, but if users had the chutzpah (good word, right?!) that this next user did, we’d be relocating entire toy stores to the hospitals we’re donating to…

Chad was so selfless in this effort that I decided to reward him the 150 Swag Bucks he donated for being the first to clean out his account for this toy drive. Then, he turned right around and donated the 150 reward Swag Bucks! 300 Swag Bucks from one user!

I saw another user say she’s keeping her account balance at zero until the toy drive is over.

The lengths you guys are going to is great and just from yesterday’s total, we’re already up to 13,003 Swag Bucks donated.

You may have seen a couple of retweets from TSG today. Those were of users’ screen shots of their donations. If you post a screen shot of your donation to Twitter, TSG will retweet your generosity as much as I can. I may not get to every tweet, honestly I want there to be so many that there’s no waaay I could get to every single tweet, but I will retweet as many as I can.

Thanks for all your generosity and kind hearts. I hope this makes you feel as good as makes TSG and Team Swagbucks feel.

From the bottom of my heart,


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