Swagbucks: Week in Review

by TSG on Sat, December 12th, 2009 at 5:28 pm

It was en exciting week at Swagbucks – more than that it was a touching week at Swagbucks.

Here’s a little recap of all the cool events that happened this week.


Monday, we posted new Polls and ran the poll results from the previous. If you want to know if the options you voted for won, check the results out.

We also had a fun Swag Code hunt on the CrazyDogTShirts site, which coincidentally was the Gift Card that day.


We drank some Swaggnog on Twitter Tuesday.

And, we also did the last Biggest Loser predictive poll, more on that Wednesday….

I announced the winner of a great Twitter Tuesday, here it is again…

@Swagbucks dashing through the snow, swaggnog in hand, laughing all the way, ore the feilds we go…cliff” – Mindy S. of Bridgewater, NS

Swag Nation correctly picked that Amanda would be the 3rd finalist in the Biggest Loser finale for which they received a 2 Swag Buck code. You guys missed the second poll, predicting Rudy would win it all. And, while Rudy looked great and lost a ton of weight, Danny took home the title and the $250,000.

In addition to those exciting things, Swag Nation really took it upon itself to make this toy drive a success.
Users on the Facebook wall started rallying each other and challenging each other to meet their donations and sharing pictures of their donations; this day really got skyrocketed our effort.


As we do ever Thursday we had Twitter Trivia.

We also introduced our new predictive poll which ended today, the 2009 Heisman Trophy winner….
You guys voted for Mark Ingram, so that’s who you’re rooting for code-wise!

But Thursday was also more of the same with our Toy Drive…

One user donated 2,000 Swag Bucks!


In addition to Mega Swag Buckness, we had some other things going on Friday as well.

There is a new Swagstakes centered around KISS!

TSG also announced a great deal on The Slater Sisters Christmas Album.

If you pick up A Very Slater Christmas before Monday, you’ll get a 5 Swag Buck rebate!

Thanks for another fun week!


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