All Video Games in the Swag Store – 15% Off!

by TSG on Wed, January 20th, 2010 at 3:43 pm

More great news for gamers! Every video game in the Swag Store is now marked down 15%! That means any game for any console that we have available is now even less Swaggage to you. This is great news if you were saving for a game or had your eye on a game. No better time than now to redeem that game.

UPDATE: The price changes will become visible at 5:00 am pst on Thursday 1/21.

As you may know, the games in the Swag Store are provided by VPGames. If you can’t find a game in the Swag Store that you’ve been looking for, VPGames probably has it; in addition to new and retro game consoles.

This sale ends on Friday, February 19th.

Snatch ‘em up, gamers!

UPDATE: The price change hasn’t taken effect yet but we will let you know when it does.


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