Baseball Card Collectors! New Hall of Famer!

by TSG on Thu, January 7th, 2010 at 5:49 pm

Long-time Expo and Cub, amongst other teams, Andre Dawson will be inducted into the Hall of Fame (FINALLY, some would say). To celebrate this occasion and his great career, we’re offering his baseball card at a 38 Swag Buck discount. We’ve slashed the price from 50 Swag Bucks to 12 Swag Bucks.

This is great news for a baseball card collector as this card is now easier to get than ever.

Congratulations to Andre “the Hawk” Dawson. Well deserved and it was a long time coming.

Keep an eye out for future Hall of Fame inductions if you’re a card collector in any sport. We often have deals like this for new Hall of Famers.


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