Holiday Steals Available Again!

by TSG on Mon, January 4th, 2010 at 5:20 pm

Good news for all! The page that you knew as Holiday Steals during the holidays are now just steals! We’ve left the page up with great purchase ideas for affordable but very practical and awesome items to own that will give you Swag Bucks just for purchasing!

Also, as a bonus, that 5 Swag Buck bonus for earning 20 Swag Bucks through Shop&Earn that we did during the holidays…that’s back too! From January 1st until January 31st, if your Shop&Earn purchases total 20 Swag Bucks back or more, you’ll earn another 5 Swag Bucks on top of that! The steals are designed to give you ideas of awesome things to buy and we also provide you with an exact Swag Buck total you’ll receive by purchasing said items. As you know, you earn 1 Swag Buck for ever $5 spent through our online partner stores. This allows you to earn even more with stuff you’d most likely buy at some point in your life anyway.

I’m not even done yet!

Starting now, tweet about a prize that you want on that page and include #swagbucks and a link to the page, I’ll even give you a shortened, Twitter-friendly URL: Team Swagbucks and myself love to know what you all would really like to redeem and if we come across your wish list tweet, you may just be rewarded with some Swag Bucks….


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