KISS Swagstakes Box Set Still Goin’ Strong!

by TSG on Mon, January 4th, 2010 at 8:00 am

Just a reminder that Swagbucks is giving away this amazing box set of CDs recorded on the KISS Alive tour, which TSG also gave away tickets for during the entire length of the tour. This retails at about $2,000. You can enter to win it for free!

Here’s some pictures from the Austin show (whose CDs are included in this box set) that were sent in by Andres C. of San Antonio.

Not bad, right? If Swagbucks ever gives away tickets to a concert featuring an artist you’re a fan of, you should enter. Because most of the time, the tickets are pretty good. We can’t guarantee tickets like this all the time, but why miss out on your chance?

And why miss out on this great box set? Entries start at just 1 Swag Buck per entry and only get cheaper. I’ll announce the winner on this blog Friday, January 22nd.

Good luck and thanks again, Andres!


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