Music Monday: Where’s the Band???

by TSG on Mon, January 11th, 2010 at 12:47 pm

Last Thursday, TSG attended a very unique and intimate show and I thought I’d share the experience. Music fans may know the “Where’s the Band” tour but if you don’t, Where’s the Band is a tour of 4 musicians who are lead singers of well known bands performing acoustic solo sets of their band’s songs, their solo songs and covers.

The musicians on the tour are Anthony Raneri (lead singer of Bayside), Chris Conley (lead singer of Saves the Day), Matt Pryor (lead singer of The Get Up Kids, Reggie & the Full Effect and The New Amsterdams) and Dustin Kensrue (lead singer of Thrice).

What was so cool about this show, more than that I’m already a fan of all 4 bands, is that there was such a ‘hanging out, playing guitar with friends vibe’. Since all 4 musicians were from well known bands, after every song 20-30 requests were shouted from the crowd as to what the next song should be. And, most of the time, the next song was one of the ones shouted out.

All 4 musicians had songs aside from their band’s songs, but what was even better, was that I got to hear songs by seemingly countless artists. Anthony Raneri opened with an Alkaline Trio cover and also covered Bad Religion’s ‘Sorrow’. Matt Pryor played Get Up Kids songs but also played Reggie & the Full Effect songs and Dustin Kensrue played songs by himself and Thrice, but also by Peter Gabriel, Tom Waits, Josh Ritter, Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen and more. For those of you old punk fans, all 4 played ‘Linoleum’ by NOFX and ‘Boxcar’ by Jawbreaker.

Dustin Kensrue and Matt Pryor also did this amazing Ryan Adams cover….

The tour is over now, but this was the second year they’ve done it, so hopefully it’ll happen every year so more people can see it.

If you went to this show in your area, share your experiences in the comments. Share good music period.

Happy Music Monday, all.


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