Swagbucks’ Haiti Relief Fund Update

by TSG on Thu, January 21st, 2010 at 11:05 am

You guys have been great, once again, when we – nay, the world…really needs you. So far we’re up to 121,562 Swag Bucks donated which translates to a $10,941 donation to the charities listed on the Haiti Earthquake Relief fund. You guys are doing great.

But remember, the drive ends at 12:00PM PST tomorrow, so really start pouring donations in to this cause because it is very much needed money for food, clean water, clothes, shelter, and medical treatment.

Keep on donating and tomorrow I’ll update this blog with a total donation from you guys and Swagbucks.

Honestly, speaking for me…I can’t wait to get this money to where it needs to go.

Thanks so much again for all your kindness and generosity in the light of this tragedy.

Much love,


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