Swagbucks’ Haiti Relief Fund Update

by TSG on Tue, January 19th, 2010 at 2:50 pm

Swaggernauts have been donating their Swag Bucks to a worthy cause for the second time in this past month dating back to early December. This time, we’re doing our best to help aid the relief to the earthquake ravaged nation of Haiti.

Continue to donate, please. We’re at around 99,849 Swag Bucks donated and climbing. So far, this equates to an $8,487 contribution from Swagbucks.

Here’s a taste of what your Swag Bucks could be going to. This is a video of Hatians chanting “U.S.A!” for L.A. County Search & Rescue workers as they pull an injured Hatian out of a building. BE WARNED, this could be graphic if you’re not accustomed to seeing injured people or real images. This is a very real video though, at the same time it’s very uplifting to see that dollars spent by you and I to organizations like the Red Cross and others are being put to good use:

This donation drive ends this Friday, January 22nd at 12:00PM PST. This is so we have the time to cut a check on our end and get it to the organizations so they can use it sooner (when it’s much needed) rather than later. So donate, donate, donate!

Please continue to donate those hard-earned Swag Bucks. The best prize you can get anywhere is knowing you helped your fellow man.


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