Thanks For All Your Votes

by TSG on Thu, January 21st, 2010 at 3:50 pm

Well, the code hunt is over and many of you snagged it, so congrats there. But, voting isn’t over! Together, we’ve gotten Friendship Circle up to number 4! This spot, should they keep it, will allow them to finish “in the money” earning them $100,000. But, if we could get them to number 1, that’s $1,000,000! So vote!

Voting ends tomorrow at 11:59PM EST, that’s 8:59PM PST. I’ll be giving away Swag Bucks on Twitter still to people that vote and include #votefc into their #swagbucks tweets. Today only, I’ll be awarding 10 people (instead of the normal 5), 15 Swag Bucks (instead of the normal 10).

Be sure to tweet today if you’re the rare breed of Twitter & Facebook user.

Your vote counts, so if you haven’t voted yet at Chase Community Giving, don’t hesitate! We as a community can do wonders for this organization that has provides such a great service for so many families.

I appreciate you all.


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