Turn Old Video Games into Swag Bucks

by TSG on Tue, January 12th, 2010 at 3:27 pm

Seasons Swaggernauts know that they can turn their old video games into Swag Bucks, but if you haven’t been around as long, you might need the info. If you got a new video game console or new video games over the holidays and don’t have much use for the old consoles or video games, why not get Swag Bucks for them?

Head to the Video Game Trade-in page and choose your game or console. We’ll let you know exactly how many Swag Bucks you’ll get for your console or video game. Don’t have the box or instructions for a video game? No problem, we’ll still take it and you’ll still get some Swag Bucks for it.

Often times the holiday bring a lot of new stuff causing clutter that you may want to get rid of. If that clutter happens to be video games, turn it into Swag Bucks.

See more information about all our Video Game Trade-in procedures here.


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