What’ll be the next big change to Swagbucks?

Hey Swaggernauts! Swag Gal here, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and an even better New Year thus far.

I get a lot of questions from users like you and some of them are Swagbucks related! Usually TSG gets most of the questions pertaining to developments to the site and so forth. BUT, every now and then I’ll get some of those too, so why not address some of those?

You may know that TSG posted a blog way back when basically asking users like you if you had a great idea for Swagbucks. Typically, we see a lot of the same responses asking for the same thing, which is great..because it lets us know what our users really want.

That said, some of those things, like iPhone applications and games, are being looked into and considered and it’s quite possible they’ll come soon but we can’t guarantee anything. So why not look at some of other ideas that we haven’t gotten that far into yet?

The easiest way to figure out what you guys would want the most would just be to ask you. So I’ve put together this poll for you guys to let us know what you want to see next. So vote on your most desired feature!

Again, there’s no guarantee we’ll implement all, one or even any of these things, but knowing what you guys really want makes our jobs that much easier.

Stay Swaggin’!