Another Game Used Giants Football Swagstakes!

by TSG on Wed, February 17th, 2010 at 5:28 pm

TSG just wants to give all of you a heads up that we’ll be giving away another game used Giants football from the 2009 NFL season. In fact, we’ll be giving these away every Monday until we don’t have any more! So be sure to enter on the Swagstakes page if you’re a Giants fan. Prepare yourself for next season with a game used ball that may have traveled from the hand of Eli Manning to Steve Smith or Ahmad Bradshaw or maybe even jarred from the hands of some poor opposing quarterback or running back by Osi Umenyura!

I’ll announce the next winner of one of these pigskins on Monday, February 22nd. Get your entries in now! Only 2 Swag Bucks to enter once, much less than that the more you enter.

Good luck Giants fans!


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