Best Birthday Ever

As all you Swagsters know, Thursday is Swag Bucks birthday! All the good folks at Swag Central are all in a tizzy with everyone getting ready for the big launch and all the exciting new features. That has got me thinking about birthdays in general, and great parties specifically.

My favorite birthday was when I was turning 10 years old. It was a week before my official birthday and my mom told me to go with my dad to pick up some pizza for dinner. I didn’t think anything of it, so I got in the car and headed out. My dad picked up an unusually large amount of pizzas, but I was too wrapped up in my own little world to really notice.

As I walked back into my house I heard someone yell, “Surprise!”. It turns out my mom had planned a surprise party for me and all of my friends were hiding in the house, ready to celebrate. I was totally flabbergasted! I had no idea about the party, which was awesome. I cant remember what games we played, or what gifts I got, but I do remember being so excited for this unexpected party with all of my best friends.

So in the spirit of celebrating the Swag Bucks Birthday, I want to hear about your favorite birthday and all it entailed. The best story will win 10 Swag Bucks! Oh, and be sure to write your Swag Name when commenting- that way we can be sure to get you the prize!

Keep Swagging,