by TSG on Thu, February 25th, 2010 at 1:28 pm

What a crazy day it’s been already! TSG would just like to thank you guys for being as excited about the Swagbucks birthday as he is. Unfortunately though as you noticed, that same excitement put a kink in some of our big plans. BUT, we think on our feet over here and we’ll always have plenty of ways to reward you.

First, that topbar code ending was kind of a bummer, right? Well, here is it if you didn’t get it, enter ‘MyReferrals’ on Swagbucks for 20 Swag Bucks before midnight tonight (PST). That’s the first order of business.

Secondly, some of you don’t fully understand the multiplied Swag Buck yet or its advantages. Well, I’m about to show you. We’re gonna go code crazy here for a bit and you’ll see just how rewarding these new amounts can be. You might get 5, you might 35. Those 4′s and 5′s and 8′s and the like will start to add up, especially when paired with those 12′s, 17′s, 23′s, 31′s and so on.

I’m about to put a few codes in a few different places. These won’t be in the widget, so you’ll have to look around and pay attention, but it should be fairly obvious. :)

And finally, the all day hunt is still going on. I’ll be giving out clues for that for the rest of the day. If you figure it out and post the code, you’ll be deactivated and may force me to cut that code short. I don’t like deactivating people on our birthday and I don’t like cutting codes short. So don’t do it.

Heeeeeeere we gooooo!


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