IMPORTANT: Customer Service

by TSG on Mon, February 22nd, 2010 at 1:10 pm

TSG just wanted to take the opportunity to let Swaggernauts everywhere know that he is not the customer service contact. We have a customer service team whose entire role is to help you guys out. They get lonely when you just email me.

Also, emailing me won’t resolve your issue any faster. When I get a customer support email, I have to take it over to them and alert them to the issue. So, it’s best to cut out the middleman (me) and contact customer support the way we have it set up; which is through the support link.

This goes for account deactivation too. If you were deactivated and you believe it to be in error or you want your account deactivated for one reason or another, either email or submit through the support link.

Here are some instances where you can email TSG:

-You found Swagbucks in the news
-You’ve got a suggestion or idea
-You’d like to submit a Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays, Trivia question, Video of the Week or other such nominees
-TSG emailed you because you won a prize
-You have shadiness to report

So to summarize, emailing TSG with support issues about prizes, account credits, deactivation, captcha fails, Swag Codes, etc. will only cause the issues to take longer to be addressed and resolved. Emailing TSG will not put your issue at the head of the line.

Plus, if I could answer and handle all of your customer support issues, why would I have dedicated such effort to hire a stellar customer support team?



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