New & Improved Random Winners!

by TSG on Fri, February 26th, 2010 at 4:29 pm

There’s a lot of ‘new’ on the Swagbucks homepage. One thing that isn’t so much new as it is improved is our Random Winners; formerly known as the Hourly Random Winner. Why the name change?

Because these are no longer HOURLY random winners, I mean…there could be hourly winners still. Let me explain, the Random Winners can now come at varying times and win varying amounts. We used to do a winner every hour at 5 Swag Bucks a pop. Right now, it’s set at 30 minutes at 100 Swag Bucks a pop. The amount could go higher or lower and the interval could be an hour, could be 5 hours, could be 15 minutes, could be every minute! The possibilities are endless and this is another way you can earn more on Swagbucks 3.0.

Look for the Random Winners on the homepage right below the slides and above Featured Prizes!

Perhaps you’ll be a lucky random winner! You could win any amount…

Oh the possibilities….


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