New to the Special Offers Page!

by TSG on Fri, February 26th, 2010 at 2:50 pm

TSG’s got another exciting tidbit for you. This is just one of the surprises we meant to unveil yesterday but now we can unleash it! This isn’t so much of a Swag Hunt or Code even, just helpful information.

Our Special Offers page used to offer a few no obligation offers that one could scroll through and at the end, that person would see a Swag Code. This Swag Code was good once and would refresh with a new code only once per week.

Well, the Special Offers page is the same except that we’ve removed the Swag Code at the end of the Special Offers. Wait, hold your jeers and grumbles…

Now when you go to Special Offers and scroll through the offers, you’ll be eligible to earn Swag Bucks once a day. Just like that, no Swag Code or anything. As long as you go through all the offers, you’ll be eligible to earn varying amounts of Swag Bucks once a day. Today, that amount is 3.

This is another example of how the multiplied Swag Buck allows you to earn more in the long run because this is not something we could’ve provided before. This, along with some things we’ll be introducing, things we’ve introduced already, more Search Wins and more frequent Swag Codes will help active users earn more than they ever could’ve before.

Want to see it for yourself? Check it out now!

How ’bout that?!?


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