New WebComics Wallpapers in the Swag Store!

by TSG on Thu, February 11th, 2010 at 1:43 pm

Are you sick of looking at the same wallpaper your computer came with? Or, maybe it was the first one you put up that wasn’t a default background. Maybe it’s a picture of you and your better half. Those are all lame (not really), why not put something imaginative up there?

WebComics has a number of cool digital wallpapers for your computer or iPhone! Even cooler than that….they’re available in the Swag Store! Check out a few you can snag now and digitally decorate with…

Fun stuff to be sure, be sure to snag yours in the Swag Store and you can feel a bit more artistic than just having a default landscape of green grass and sky or a tropical island with one palm tree.

Thanks to Web Comics, Inc. for providing the artwork!

Which one did you snag?


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