Put Swagbucks on Your Head!

by TSG on Thu, February 18th, 2010 at 1:06 pm

TSG wants to advise you to snatch up a Swagbucks Castro hat before you can’t anymore because these won’t last much longer. Also, this thing is a referral machine! People see you walkin’ down the street in it…

“Hey man, cool hat.”
“Oh hey, thanks.”
“What’s Swagbucks?”
“Oh, it’s this site where I get a bunch of free stuff just for using it as my main search engine, no big deal.”
“Wait, what? Free stuff, that’s a huge deal. It’s legit?”
“Yep, I bought a bunch of stuff on Amazon through gift cards I got for free there.”
“Really…anyone can sign up?”
“Anyone, here’s my referral link. Use that to sign up, super easy.”
“Nice, man. I will, thanks. Oh and cool hat!”
“You already said that.”

How easy is that?! In other words, well worth the small investment for the fashion, escapes from bad hair days and Swag Bucks hitting your account once people ask you what Swagbucks is.

Oh, and ‘Castro’ is just the name of the style of the hat…don’t take it too seriously.


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