Say Hello to Some of Our Partners!

by TSG on Thu, February 25th, 2010 at 4:00 pm

TSG back again. We’ve had a lot of fun today despite a few kinks here and there. Overall, TSG’s having a ball! So, let’s have that good feeling wave continue!

This blog goes out to our new users. A lot of you are here today for the first time and in addition to all the rewards we offer you on, you’ll be happy to know that we work with and host many partner sites for a lot of major acts and pro sports teams as you can see from all the banners on the left side of this blog.

In fact, there’s a Swag Code somewhere in our Flickr page. We work with a band who has a number in their name (we work a few ‘number-in-name’ bands), but this one in particular has a banner on our blog that’s orange and black. If you think you’ve found who it is, search the band name on Flickr (you must search the band name from OUR FLICKR PAGE, doing it for all of Flickr will result in way too many images to go through) and prize photos from Swaggernauts who have redeemed prizes from that band will appear. A Swag Code will appear in the caption of one of those photos.

You must find the right band and then get the right picture to see the code. This code is worth 5 Swag Bucks and will expire at 8PM PST.

Good luck and if you’re new, welcome!


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