Special Offers Review

by TSG on Wed, February 3rd, 2010 at 8:15 am

For the last few months we’ve been promoting Special Offers as a way for Swaggernauts to earn Swag Bucks quickly. Not only do these offers typically pay out in a matter of hours but many of these Swagertunities are sponsored by some of the biggest names in online retail (people like Netflix, Blockbuster, Game Stop, and more).

At the same time, there have been a few occasions where Swaggernauts have complained of unexpected behavior with some of the offers. These complaints have typically involved errors or delay in getting Swag Bucks, but in one or two cases we have even heard about offers carrying Spyware or other potentially dangerous code. While we have not been able to confirm any instances of Offers depositing malicious software on users’ computers, we investigate every credible report that comes our way. Protecting Swaggernauts by keeping the quality of our Special Offers high is incredibly important to us and we encourage everyone to alert our customer support staff right away should you experience any of the things I’ve described.

Furthermore, we’d like to just see how you guys are enjoying Special Offers overall. So do us this solid and participate in this poll to let us know how Special Offers have helped you.

We appreciate hearing from you, and will use your feedback to help us improve the products and experiences you encounter on the Special Offers page.

Thanks for all your continued Swagging!


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