The Top 100 Video Games for NES by IGN

by TSG on Thu, February 4th, 2010 at 1:39 pm

OMG, you guys…

If you want to just unapologetically geek out for about an hour, you must read the Top 100 NES Games of All Time by the good folks at IGN. If you grew up on video games, this is a must-read. TSG had some very real and jarring moments of nostalgia whilst reading this wondrous list.

They detail games I played all the time, games I didn’t remember until they talked about them and still other games I never knew existed. If you’re one of the people excited about the NES Bundle Swagstakes provided by VPGames, then you’ll love this list.

I will say that there were a few titles that were conspicuous by their absence from this list, such as:

  • -Paperboy, “We could do a side-scrolling sequence, bird’s eye view or an up-down game play” “No, let’s do all 3 by making it almost bird’s eye with a diagonal scrolling sequence.” I imagined the Paperboy‘s creative writing to be. You got to break windows with papers you were supposed to be delivering and cause other kinds of ruckus all while avoiding on-coming traffic. What’s not to love?!
  • Double Dragon, the sequel is included in the countdown but not the original. This makes little sense. While it was no Ninja Gaiden, it was a great side-scrolling beat-em up adventure that was a joy to play. What gives?
  • Double Dribble, the best basketball game of it’s time. Early on in video games, the technology to make basketball a legitimate challenge while still being fun was still a mystery to programmers. Double Dribble was the hammer that first got a piece of that nail. If it weren’t for Double Dribble, who knows if there would’ve been an NBA Jam or NBA Street or NBA Live.
  • Arch Rivals, another game made possible by Double Dribble but also combined the elements that made Blades of Steel great. This was basically street ball in a video game. Dunk and hit 3′s or uh…you know, punch an opposing player in the face. Good clean fun!
  • Marble Madness, if you’re talking simplistic yet awesome video games (which this countdown admittedly has a ton of), you need look no further than Marble Madness. The quintessential, simple yet fun and addicting video game. This is one of many games that went from the arcade rooms to people’s living rooms via the NES.
  • The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants, I played this game over and over and over again. This was also available for Sega but was originally available on NES. Maybe that’s what disqualified it. Any Simpsons fan will agree with me here.
  • Tecmo Bowl, the list does include Super Tecmo Bowl which was the second edition of the franchise but personally, I prefer the original.
  • Donkey Kong, Jr., one of the most popular games for Nintendo ever, not included in this countdown. WHAT?!

Aside from those, it’s a solid list. I encourage a thorough read of this list because you’ll hearken back to simpler times. When we were only playing 8 bits instead of, well who knows how many we have now? Games look more real than real life at this point.

After you’re done reading, realize there’s only 8 days left until we announce the winner of the Nintendo Retro bundle with a bunch of Nintendo AND Super Nintendo games and one console that will play them ALL!

I’ll announce the winner of that on February 12th.


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