A Swagstakes Swag Hunt!

TSG talked about our new Swagstakes section yesterday. But today, let’s explore it. Here’s your 2nd Swag Hunt of the day!

Browse around the Swagstakes categories and keep these 8 clues, in order where you’ll find the 8 letters of the Swag Code in mind…

1. This is pretty nice to look at, Bravo. (Electronics, Limited Time)

2. Fuhgetaboutit! I got a lovely singing voice. (TV & Film, Limited Time)

3. Dance around with this prize in a colorful silhouette. (Electronics, Limited Time)

4. This prize kind of sucks. Not even kind of, it does 😉 (Household, Limited Time)

5. If you had $100, how many books would you read? (Gift Cards, Limited Time)

6. That’s a LOT of Swag Bucks… (Swagbucks Lottery, Limited Time)

7. Quit playing air guitar, let Greg help you out. (Music, Limited Entries)

8. “I could’ve told you Vincent, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you” (Posters & Collectibles, Limited Time)

Those clues along with the categories they reside in should be enough for you to find all the pieces to the code. Remember, correspond the letter order to the clue. So clue #1, is your first letter and so on.

This code is worth 11 Swag Bucks on Swagbucks.com until 7PM PST.

Good luck!