Act Green. Earn Blue And Green.

If you’ve noticed a distinct lamb-like quality in the air recently, there’s nothing to fear. It’s just an indication that March is on its way out, and April is on its way in. Here at Swag Central, we honor April every year by being a little more green. And our favorite way to be Green involves giving you more green when you decide to Go Green!

So here’s the deal: starting April 1st and going through the end of the month, we’ll be offering you two major incentives to do right by the community, your planet, and your Swag Bucks account.

1) Earn a bonus of 50% above your quoted redemption value on our Go Green page!

That’s right. You’ll earn Swag Bucks by taking part in our cellular phone recycling program exactly the way you normally do. Only at the end of April, we’ll be awarding everyone who sent in their phone with a one time bonus of 50% more Swag Bucks!

2) If you trade in your old cell phone and get a new activation through the Swag Bucks Cellular Store, we’ll give you a bonus of 1,000 Swag Bucks! That’s on top of the 50% more you got for your cell phone trade in!

OK…deep breath… I’m a little red in the face from all the shouting I’ve been doing on paper. But believe me that I’m gearing up for a rewarding month of April. Don’t you just love it when you get hooked up for doing the right thing?


P.S. Stay tuned for more news about additional green promotions we’ll be running during the month of April!