And Now, For Something A Bit Different…

Yesterday I answered a question in the blog from someone who was looking for some tips on weight loss and staying healthy. In my response I mentioned that I would have something special for those of you interested in exercising at home. Well, today is your lucky day!

In order to promote healthy living, we are having a one-day special with these Steaz yoga mats. In case you didn’t know, Steaz is one of our favorite companies here at Swag Nation. In addition to making wonderfully delicious, and reasonably healthy sparkling green tea sodas, Steaz also provides us with all sorts of goodies in the Swag Store for the actively minded Swaggernauts out there.

At the moment we have 7 of these mats available for 3,500 Swag Bucks. Our goal is to move all of them out of our store today. If all 7 of these mats get purchased by midnight PST tonight then everyone who bought them gets 900 Swag Bucks back! That means the mats are actually 2,600 SBs! However, if only 6 or less mats sell, then nobody gets the 900 SB redemption. Redemptions will be paid by 5:00 pm PST on Friday.

So what do you think! Pretty cool eh? So click here to be one of the 7 lucky Swaggers who get this awesome yoga mat for a 900 SB redemption!

Thanks Swaggers!