Another Predictive Poll!

Last season during the Biggest Loser, we did predictive polls of who would be eliminated as the show started winding down. If you watch the show, you already know that teams have been separated into Black vs. Blue. Why not start the poll madness now?

Traditionally, we offered larger than normal Swag Codes for correct predictions on Biggest Loser and all other predictive polls. This time, we’ll do it a bit differently…

There are 3 polls below, 2 of which will ultimately matter. The first poll asks which team will win the weigh-in. If you get that right, the reward will result in cutting the time of random winners on the homepage down from every 30 minutes to every 15 minutes! This means double the amount of people will be rewarded. More winners!

The next two polls ask who will be eliminated given that their teams ends up losing. Therefore, the winning team’s “Who will be eliminated” poll will be null and void. Guess for both teams and then the losing team’s poll will be the one that counts. If Swag Nation gets that right, we’ll hike up the Swag Bucks that will be rewarded to the Random Winners.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the event of any correct predictions, the random winners will not be changed for tomorrow, but TSG will announce when the change will take place.

These polls will close at 6:30PM PST/9:30PM EST so the polls are done before the actual results are in for any part of the country.

Cast your votes….

Good luck!