Are You In It To Win It?

It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time to get ready for another week of swaggy goodness, and to help you squeeze the most that you can out of Swag Bucks, here’s another one of our winning tips for Swaggernauts; it’s the tip I affectionately refer to as “Tip #9”:
Follow us on Twitter and “fan us up” on Facebook!
How easy is THAT?
I’ll give you two reasons why you’ll love it:
– You get to meet and interact with other Swaggernauts, who are really cool folks and are the most important part of our community. They’re helpful and fun and very welcoming. TSG loves talking with the Swaggernauts about lots of different stuff – come join the conversation!
– Sometimes, if you’re paying attention, you might see a Swag Code good for some bonus bucks, which is never a bad thing!
We’ve got daily discussions on Facebook and fun games and contests on Twitter so if you dare connect with us on both!
Now get out there, get swaggy with it and have a great week! See you out there!