Ask The Swag Gal: March 24. 2010

Greetings Swag Nation!

Today we have a fun question from Swagster Aleisa. Aleisa is wondering how old is too old for Easter baskets:

Hi Swag Gal!

I have a dilemma. I have three sons, and have always celebrated the holidays according to tradition. My boys are getting older now (Boy #1 turning 17 on 4/30/10 ~ Boy #2 turning 14 on 10/21/10 ~ Boy #3 turning 11 on 6/4/10). This year, I was thinking instead of doing Easter baskets, just getting each of them a couple pieces of Easter candy, like a chocolate bunny and some marshmallow peeps or something. We stopped dying eggs a couple years ago and haven’t done egg hunts for a few years now. Every year I ask them if they want to dye eggs and/or have an Easter egg hunt and they always say no. But every year the boys wake up to Easter baskets on the kitchen table full of Easter goodies and toys. My question is…how old is too old for Easter baskets? We will continue to do Easter dinner though, because they love to eat!! lol

Moms Easter dilemma

Dear Moms Easter Dilemma,

This question made me laugh out loud because I am notorious for trying to keep gift giving traditions alive as long as possible. My mom still gets me Christmas pajamas. With that said, I think your idea of just having a chocolate bunny and some peeps is plenty for your boys. Personally, I think you should tell them that they need to make a basket of goodies for you! It would be fun to see what they come up with! Then again, maybe I am totally off the mark with this answer. So let’s take it to the people: please comment and let us know at what age do you become too old to get Easter baskets?