Ask The Swag Gal: March 31st, 2010

Greetings Swagsters, it’s time for ‘Ask The Swag Gal’, where you ask the questions and I answer them. Today’s question is one I have been pondering for a while:

Dear Swag Gal,

I’m fit to be tied !

I recently received a facebook invite for a birthday party my niece was giving for her kids.

The invite also mentioned that the kids are ‘registered online at Toys-R-Us !!”

I’m like Whaaaaaat ??

Call me ‘old school’. I’ve heard of bridal registry and baby shower registry, but come on
birthday party registry ?

How bad can my gift be that she specifically suggest WHICH preselected items to
get for the boys ??

I dont know whether to thank her for taking the time to select the gifts, and know that she is saving her gas money so she will not have to return the item(s) I selected. OR
feel appalled that such a gimmick as pre-registry for a BIRTHDAY party exists !!

Where does one draw the line ?? There came a time when putting thought into AND picking out the gift, using MY gas, etc to go get the gift, and purchasing for them, actually MEANT something.

Am I that behind in the times… ????

PLEASE enlighten me as to the ‘proper etiquette’, one should use in this circumstance.

Sincerely yours,


Dear Beduffled,

I too have seen more and more people using the gift registry for more then just weddings and baby showers, and I am not sure what to think either. As you mentioned, on one hand it is easier to just pick a gift off their list and know they will like it. On the other hand, it sort of takes away the whole point of gift giving. Personally, I like the whole process of giving gifts- walking through the store to find the perfect gift, wrapping it up with fun paper, and signing my name to the card. So I tend to not shop from a registry. I think the point of a registry is to help those who are not interested in gift giving and see it more like a chore. They would find those lists to be very convenient. So I say, if you don’t want to use the list, you don’t have to. Just be sure to include a gift receipt in your card.

The Swag Gal

So what do you Swagster think? Are you for or against gift registries? And if you are for them, do you think you are obligated to use it, or is it up to the gift giver to decide?

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Keep Swagging,