Cool Swagbucks Unboxing Video!

TSG and Team Swagbucks receive plenty of prize photos from awesome Swaggernauts who are ecstatic about snagging a prize they wanted for a while. We love it!. And, every now and again we get an unboxing video! Here’s one such video that we particularly enjoyed….

Thanks to the makers of this wonderful unboxing video and enjoy that Nintendo Wii.

So you know, if you send us a prize photo or unboxing video, we hook you up with Swag Bucks for it. Send us prize photos or unboxing videos to We reward 10 Swag Bucks each for a prize photo, limit 5 per user and 20 Swag Bucks each for an unboxing video, limit 5 per user.

Show us your Swag! We love it!