Don’t Forget Your Easter Goodies!

TSG here reminding you to get your holiday goodies in order! Last week I told about you guys about some cool Easter items in our Swag Store. Well, the big day is right around the corner, so score your Easter swag now! Here are 5 ways to liven up any Easter goodie basket:

These Easter Greeting cards come in 4 different colors – You can snag one for 199 Swag Bucks OR get three for just 378 Swag Bucks:

This Hannah Montana Egg Decorating Kit can be yours for just 499 Swag Bucks:

This Easter Gift Basket is going for just 149 Swag Bucks:

Lasers and Stickers have joined forces – they’re yours for 379 Swag Bucks!

For 219 Swag Bucks who WOULDN’T dig these posable Easter Bunnies:

You can find all this great stuff in Easter Goodies in the For the Kids section of the Swag Store. Any of these items complement a giant chocolate rabbit or some jelly beans very nicely. What kind of treats are you expecting this Easter? I’d love to hear about it.