Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Swagiful

OK folks, this is probably the last time you’re gonna hear me say this (“probably” being the operative term) but we’re down to the last few days for you to upload a profile picture and get hooked up with 13 Swag Bucks in the first week of April.

In case you haven’t heard me talk about it here, or here, or even here, the idea is that we want to see your beautiful punim! So to give you a little extra encouragement, we’ll be going around in the first week of April, and hooking up everybody that has a (appropriate) profile picture with 13 Swag Bucks!

Remember, you won’t get credited immediately. We’ll be doing a big sweep come that first week of April, so please be patient. Also keep in mind that we’re trying to build more community features for everybody’s benefit, and having a few more images of real Swaggernauts like you, will help make this be a funner (more fun?) place to be.

Besides, TSG has been showing you his face for years, the least you can do is follow my lead!


P.S. the title of this blog was a play on these old commercials from the 80’s. Remember those?