Easter Goodies in the Swag Store!

Time for Easter egg hunts and bunnies! Easter is near and to help you get ready for it, we’ve got some Easter goodies in the Swag Store. Whether you need find something to put eggs in, something to decorate eggs with or you just have an odd desire to bend the limbs of smiley, cartoon bunnies – we got you!

Check out the 4 items we’ve put in the Swag Store to help you this Easter.

You can find all this great stuff in Easter Goodies in the For the Kids section of the Swag Store. Check it out if you’re in the market for some Easter Swag!

And, while we’re on the subject….we all know the Easter bunny is real. As real as you and me. But, what do you think he looks like? What kind of rabbit is he? I like to think he’s like Roger Rabbit, maybe you think he’s more like Bugs. I’m curious how you envision this benevolent hider of eggs.