Electronics? We’ve Got ‘Em.

Everyday TSG sees you Swaggernauts talking about what have bought, are buying and plan to buy in our Swag Store. I love seeing it – you guys obviously love the variety of cool stuff you can get from our store. In fact sometimes it’s practically impossible to choose what you’re going to get next. Might I suggest, for those of you who can’t decide, that a trip to our electronics section might be in order? If you’re a gadget hound like TSG is, you’ll love the treasure trove of contraptions. Don’t believe me? Just look overhead. As if that weren’t enough, here are few more faves of mine.

This 500GB Hard Drive is the perfect place to store all your digital media, like pics of Swag Bucks rewards, music you’ve downloaded from us, videos you’ve made of Swag Bucks unboxings… you get the idea:
…and what will you shoot those unboxing videos with? How about this Flip UltraHD? It’s small, plugs directly into your computer, and is really easy to use:
As you can see, it’s really worth your while to browse through the Electronics section of the Swag Store. HOW worth your while? I’ll tell you: go browse through the section. Find the item that “surrounds” you with love. The name of the sync technology (as it appears in the item description) along the reduced price (in Swag Bucks) of the item are a swag code. NO PUNCTUATION. You have until 5pm PDT. Oh, and by the way – you’ll net 15 Swag Bucks.
Good Luck!