Featured Sponsor: Steaz!

If you’ve seen TSGal’s blog post this morning, you know that we’ve got some yoga mats to blow out! So, if you’re one of those bendy, contorting, meditative souls; get yourself a new mat to do all that twisting and ‘relaxing’ on!

Steaz is a great partner of ours and they’ve got a ton of cool stuff outside the awesome beverages their known for. You can get great shirts, a few toys and again, these sweet, sweet yoga mats.

And they’ll inspire TSG’s Special Song of the Day on Twitter….you’ll see…
It’s like a green taquito stuffed with promises of health and wellness inside. I won’t pretend that made sense either. But, what I will do is let you know that we’ve got 7 of these to go and if they all go, everyone who purchases will get 900 Swag Bucks credited back to their account.

How’s that for relaxing?