Hey, TSG! Got Any Tips on How to Win??

by TSG on Mon, March 1st, 2010 at 8:00 am

You bet your sweet Swaggy soul I do!

We recently got a good number of new users to Swagbucks and some of the main questions I always get are ‘how do I win?’, ‘is there more than one way to earn?’, there’s many ways to earn. We’ve introduced a few new ways to earn recently but you should check out our Winning Tips page to see a bunch of helpful resources on how to win more Swag Bucks!

The tips page covers ways to earn across our site as well as through our network of social networking sites. This is an extremely helpful page for new and old users alike. This page is updated frequently and should be updated soon with some of the newest ways to earn that we’ve introduced.

Keep up with this page as it’s basically the hitchhiker’s guide to the Swagbucks galaxy.

For the Win,


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