Lets Talk About Swagstakes

Have you checked out the Swagstakes lately? There are some really cool items up for dibs!

There are two types of entries for Swagstakes: by limited time or limited entries. In limited time prizes, whoever wants to enter a contest during a selected time period can buy entries. For limited entry prizes, only a certain amount of entries can be purchased, thereby limiting the amount of people eligible for that prize.

Here are my favorite prizes, one in each category:

After my post regarding cooking, I realized there are a lot of foodies out there in the Swag Nation. How many of you would love a new Rachael Ray cookware set? I know I would. Apparently so would TSG. He ran a Swag Code hunt on Sunday based entirely on it. Don’t worry Swag Guy, something gives me the idea you’ll be getting those peanut butter brownies you were hoping for.

Now to win this prize all you have to do is buy as many entries as you want, starting at 14 Swag Bucks. Then, on April 23rd, one lucky contestant will win these amazing pots and pans! How easy is that?

How badly do I want this two thousand five hundred dollar gift card? What I like best about this prize is I am not up against a zillion people. I am only up against less than 50,000 Swagsters. I also like the fact that I can buy whatever I want at Amazon, and I could do a lot of damage with that much cash.

So be sure to check out the Swagstakes and enter a few contests. It will be fun!

Keep Swagging,