Looking Back at Rear View Safety

If you’re like TSG, you enjoy going for a nice drive. Even if you’re NOT like TSG chances are you’re doing more than your share of driving every day. If you do, safety should always be a primary concern, especially if you’re driving a larger vehicle like an SUV, Van, or Family Truckster. Rear View Safety, Inc. is a company whose products we proudly carry in our Swag Store. Most larger vehicles nowadays have a rear view camera system that gives you a better view of what’s behind your car when you’re in reverse. Rear View Safety, Inc. sells camera systems for all cars so you don’t need to buy a new car to have a safer one. Check out this Rear View Camera w/Mirror Display & Flush Mount:

It’s pretty cool stuff for sure, and while it does cost more than a few Swag Bucks, what better way is there to use Swag Bucks than protecting your family and the people around you? If you’re saving those Swag Bucks for something else, you could always snag a $10 gift card good on any of their products:

You know how much TSG loves giving you cool stuff to spend your Swag Bucks on. It’s even better when I can offer you stuff from a company like Rear View Safety, Inc., because those products can save your life.

Happy Driving,