Money Just Got Cheaper

There are certain conundrums that man has struggled with since the dawn of time. You know – If a tree falls in the woods, and nobody hears it fall, did it really make a sound?

Then there are the somewhat less famous, but still important philosophical questions, such as: What is the sound of one hand clapping? How and why does Brendan Frasier still have a film career? Will American Idol survive without Simon Cowell? And my personal favorite – can something FREE be made even more FREE?

Well, I can’t answer most of those questions, but I certainly can take a stab at that last one. For when it comes to our $5 PayPal Gift Card, something free can in fact become an even better deal!

As we promised to do last week, we have lowered the cost of our PayPal $5 Gift Cards from 700 Swag Bucks to only 550 Swag Bucks. That’s a savings of over 20% on one of our most popular items!

But this bargain is only good for 72 hours. Wednesday evening (3/24) we’ll be raising this card back to 700 so if you want in on this deal, you’re going to have to ask fast.

Now, I know a lot of you are gonna say:

‘TSG, we want to snag a couple of PayPal cards, but we don’t have enough loot.’

My dear friends, that’s why we created the Special Offers page – so that you could get your hands on a lot of Swag Bucks quickly. There’s bound to be one, or two, or hundreds of offers that can help you rack up the BIG BUCKS, and fast.

So while we may never know the answers to life’s impenetrable mysteries, for the next 3 days you can join TSG in breaking the fundamental laws of economics. And you thought numbers weren’t fun!