Music Monday: Kanye West

There are few artists who have had the success both in front of and behind the mic that Kanye West has enjoyed. His albums are put together like stories, his beats and samples are infectious, and rhymes tell the story of a guy who came from nothing to turn himself into one of the most successful and polarizing artists in the last decade. His debut album The College Dropout was nominated for Best Album and won Best Rap Album. He’s gone on to win 13 more Grammys and countless other awards. Brash, bold and feather-ruffling, Kanye is never afraid to share his opinion or make fun of himself.

We’re proud to be partnered with Kanye, who has his own search portal with Swag Bucks: Search With Kanye, where can earn Swag Bucks good for prizes like posters, singles and videos!

For now, here’s Champion, one of his hits from Graduation: