New Gift Card in the Swag Store: Eco-Panda!

Spring is eagerly awaiting the weather to catch up with it in most parts of the country and with that, a lot of people will be thinking about swimwear for the coming months. is a company that makes eco-friendly swimwear; where better to get your next suit?! And, we’ve got a $10 Gift Card to Eco-Panda in the Swag Store.

Eco-Panda uses recycled nylon which helps sustain the environment by reducing greenhouse emissions. In fact, recycled nylon uses 27% less natural petroleum resources and emits 28% less greenhouse gases. I bet you never thought you could be helping the environment when you were flying down a water slide, laying out or swimming at the beach. Well, you can!

Snag one of these gift cards and head over to Eco-Panda and check out all the great suits they’ve got which are also eco-friendly.

That’s what we call a win-win.