New Kid’s Swag!

Hey Swagsters, happy Tuesday!

I just wanted to let you all know that Swag Bucks has added some great treats to the For The Kids section of the Swag Store! Check these out:

For The Girls

Dora stickers are only 179 Swag Bucks! These are perfect for a reward chart.

Princess Crayons are available for 359 Swag Bucks. These are great to slip into your purse or diaper bag so you can entertain the kiddos at a moment’s notice.

Got 529 Swag Bucks burning a hole in your virtual pocket? Well how about getting these heart shaped sunglasses as a special treat for your special girl?

For The Boys

These Shrek pads can be used by your little man to write pretend notes to his imaginary friends. Or how about fake traffic tickets while dressed up like a cop?

Have you ever been waiting at a doctor’s office and your little tyke is about to explode from boredom? Whip these color doughs from your purse and that should buy you at least 10 more minutes of calm. And at only 549 swag bucks, it would be well worth it!

Do you have a little sk8er dude at home? I am sure he would love this awesome finger board. It even comes with two sets of wheels and a mini wrench, all for only 749 Swag Bucks.

So there you have the For The Kids prize update. Aren’t those great prizes? So many ways to keep your offspring occupied. Keep earning those Swag Bucks and get these great rewards for your kids.

Keep Swagging!