Pick the Hash Tag!

You may have seen the section on Swagbucks’ homepage where we display all the #Swagbucks tweets that have happened in recently. This is fun for us and our users because it shows us what the chatter is and if you’re a user it’s even better because you may see something on there that will alert you to a big happening.

This section doesn’t always have to feature #Swagbucks tweets from Twitter though. This is where you guys come in. We’d like to mix that section up every now and then and run tweets with different tags.

Leave a comment below with your idea of what you think the next # tag should be dedicated to and we’ll make that section run tweets with that # tag. Ideally, they’ll be Swagbucks related but there’s no hard and fast rule that they have to be Swagbucks related.

This is for fun!