Revenge Is… Not What You Think!

I think we can all agree that the Swag Store is loaded with cool items that run the gamut from video games to cologne. It’s really hard for TSG to pick a favorite. Strike that – it’s impossible. What I CAN do is tell you about some really cool clothing items we have in the Swag Store from Revenge Is. They make socially conscious, eco-friendly clothing that looks awesome to boot! Check it out:

This awesome JFK quote t-shirt is one of my favorites:

This shirt kinda reminds me of an old-school rock n’ roll poster:

These are just a small sampling of the Revenge Is shirts-made-from-recycled-bottles that we have in the Swag Store, There are clothes for men, women, and children too, so everyone can look cool and be eco-friendly while doing it. We also have $5 Gift Cards to so that you can shop from their entire catalog.

Finally, revenge is a GOOD thing…