Save Money on Drug Prescriptions for FREE

TSG knows that times are tough, and many members of Swag Nation turn to Swagbucks to help offset some everyday costs. That’s why I’m so excited about the Swagbucks Health Advantage Program, because it is a way for ALL Swaggers (and non-Swaggers) to save some cold hard cash on your prescription needs. Best of all it is 100% FREE!

All you need to do is print the Swagbucks Health Advantage Card, keep it in your wallet, and present it next time you pick up your prescription. You don’t need to sign up, enroll, or fill out any paperwork. Just print it. The card can be used and shared by your friends and entire family, so I suggest emailing them the link or printing out a stack and passing them out to everyone you know. What a great gift to give someone – a way to save money on their prescription expenses!
Don’t take my word for it – here’s a screenshot from a Swaggernaut talking about her savings on our Facebook(last name and pic have been removed):

She was able to save a whopping $339 on two prescriptions, and all because of the Swagbucks Health Advantage Card!

Click here to print your card and get more information on what is covered and how the Swagbucks Health Advantage Card can help you and you and your family. I’d also love to hear some more feedback from those of you who have benefited from this fantastic program.