Say Hello To My Not So Little Friends

A wise man (I think his name might have been Confuschwag) once said: the journey of a Thousand prizes, begins with a single Swag Buck. TSG couldn’t agree more!

Which is why I’m so excited by the introduction of Swag Bills 11-20. You may have first heard about this Thursday evening with a rewarding “From TSG” message in your toolbar. So in addition to the standard 10, 20, 30, etc. Swag Bucks Bills, you will now be eligible to win 9 new denominations, including (but not certainly not limited to) the following bills:

This is just the latest part of our Swagbucks 3.0 rollout, which began on our birthday last month. The reason this is such an exciting development is because this gives TSG the ability to give you all more winning moments during the day! And who doesn’t love winning more?…

May you live in interesting Swag Times!