Search the Swag Store!

Another awesome feature to the redesign that you guys have been asking for and asking for is the ability to search for prizes in the Swag Store. Yes! It’s finally here! This creates ease in a lot of ways for all the redeeming you do on Swagbucks. Once you’re in the Swag Store, look up at the top right hand corner of the page to find your trusty product search field.

Let’s test it out, shall we?

TSG would like you to go search the word ‘pencil’ (without the quotes). 6 results should come up. Make sure that the results are sorted in their default order, which is By Relevance. The second word in the title of the 2nd prize you see is a Swag Code. This code is worth 4 Swag Bucks and will expire at 2:30PM PST.

Try it out!

After you’re done getting your code, search for some things you’d like to redeem with your hard-earned Swaggage you raked in today!