Show Yourself, Swaggernauts!

Another in a line of cool new features to Swagbucks 3.0 is the ability to customize and personalize your account to the extent that you can upload a photo of yourself the same way you can on countless other sites. We’d love to see you!

You can upload your photo by clicking on the default photo from your homepage. This will take you to your profile edit page. Upload a photo and you’ll be rewarded.

PLEASE NOTE: due to a massive number of people that have uploaded their picture already, we have had to temporarily disable this feature. It will be back in the coming hours/day so please be sure to stop by again soon and load your photo. Keep reading and you’ll see that you have plenty of time to earn your bucks for doing it.

“I’m sorry, TSG…did you say we’d be rewarded?”

Yes, if you upload a photo between now and the 1st of April, you’ll receive 13 Swag Bucks – all for something you were maybe going to do anyway! Realize, you won’t immediately be credited, if you upload a photo now, your account will be padded with 13 extra Swag Bucks in the first few days of April. Again, YOU WILL NOT BE CREDITED IMMEDIATELY, YOUR ACCOUNT WILL HAVE THE 13 SWAGBUCKS ADDED ON ONE OF THE FIRST FEW DAYS OF APRIL.

And please, use common sense. Don’t upload copyrighted images or anything like that and understand if you upload any indecent photos, we reserve the right to deactivate your account – just like that.

This should be a fun addition and I can’t wait to see all your beautiful, smiling faces.