Swag Bucks In Prime Time

A long time ago in a Swag Galaxy far, far away (a.k.a. this past Monday in the blog) TSG brought you a Swaggernaut created video. And in describing that video, I mentioned that it reminded me of either the P.A. Starting Lineup at a sporting event, or the opening credits to a TV show.

That got me thinking: If Swag Nation were a TV Show, what would it be called?

I put that question to all of you and got some wonderful responses. In fact, the responses were so good that I had trouble picking a winner all by my lonesome. So I’ve put it to you guys in the form of a poll. What do you think?

FYI – you’ll notice that some of the choices have a Swag Name next to them and some don’t. Remember that anytime you suggest an idea, or comment to a blog, it’s a good idea to leave your Swag Name so that we can hook you up if we wanted to. Also, a lot of people suggested the name Who Wants to be A Swagginaire. I decided to credit the first commenter who suggested it, so apologies to everyone else that contributed that same idea.

I’m looking forward to seeing your answers. And if any of you happen to be TV, or film executives and want to discuss the idea of actually making this show a reality…have your people call mine!


P.S. Speaking of TV, today’s facebook discussion was all about it. Come join us here and share your opinion.